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Business Analysis Project - EDWTA Mobile Application

During the winter semester of 2010 - in the course INF 1342 System Requirements and Architectural Design - I worked with fellow master's students Kyle Faas and Gabriela Mircea in conducting a requirements gathering process for a hypothetical smartphone app called the Emergency Department Wait Time Application (EDWTA). I learned the fundamental principles of business analysis in this course. By thinking about the user needs, I created business models outlining the functional and non-functional requirements of the mobile app. Below is the non-functional requirements (NFR) framework that I created using Microsoft Visio:

NFR Framework

I wrote the business requirements using the standard Volere requirements specification template. I learned about modeling languages such as UML and Professor Eric Yu's i* in this course. I wrote detailed use cases following Alistair Cockburn's established methodologies. Click here (PDF) to view the use/misuse case individual assignment that I completed.

To view the final, 70 page deliverable that my team submitted for this project, click here (PDF). This document includes an explanation of the social benefits of our mobile app and all of the use cases/business models/requirements that we created. We also delivered a class presentation on our work that was well-received.

More EDWTA business models created w/ Visio:

Actor diagram Block diagram Early requirements Extended actor
NFR framework Early tropos Late requirements