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Insurance Company Intranet

During the winter of 2010, in collaboration with fellow University of Toronto master's students Joanna Bielecki and Robyn Hall, I designed this intranet prototype for the class "Information Management in Organizations". I learned about the principles of knowledge management, information architecture and user-centred design in this course. My team was tasked with identifying an organization that could use assistance with their intranet design, and we chose an insurance company.

Using wireframe mockups and programs such as Visio and Dreamweaver, I designed this clickable high-fidelity prototype to represent an improved version of the organization's existing intranet:

IBC Intranet

My team examined the organizational structure at the company, identified problem areas, and applied theoretical principles from the course literature to the design of this prototype intranet. For example, we identified this company as the type of organization with many subunits and diversity across the board. We found that their existing intranet wasn't sufficiently addressing this diversity, and so came up with the idea of a functional tool to address this issue - the RSS Dissemination tool.

This tool allows an employee to tailor their intranet homepage to their specific job-related needs of the day, and to help employees in other departments by disseminating information that may potentially be of use to them. This facilitates better communication between departments and provides a structured means of dealing with complex masses of data.